Issuing of Typhoon signal No.8 or the Black Rain warning, removal or moving will be postponed to the following day.
Customer's must indicated the furnishings which cannot be removed via the stairs.
Our company will make suitable arrangements to have the goods safely relocated.
Upon completion of the removal or moving, the customer is required to pay in cash.
We maintain strict codes of conduct for all our employees prohibiting the acceptance of tips.
Referrals by word of mouth is our most valuable source of business and our quotations will not be altered or increased unless the customer has omitted information that may complicate the removal or moving of goods.
Audio visual and electronic equipment will be handled by our experienced staff, and any disassembly and reassembly will be carefully attended to.
All furnishings, appliances, and miscellaneous goods, will be professionally packaged, as added protection during the moving process.
Our team of professionals will immediately reschedule the removal to the next available time slot in order to ensure a minimal period of delay.
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